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Welcome to Rich Sauces - Irelands Leading Mayonnaise Manufacturer  read more

As Irelands leading mayonnaise manufacturer we take great pride in supplying our range of dressings, sauces and bouillons to the foodservice industry in UK, Ireland and beyond.

So if your business is hungry for More Flavour, More Customers and More Profits you have found the perfect supplier

More than just a manufacturer:  As our manufacturing business began in our fish and chip shop some 28 years ago we have a unique understanding of the challenges faced by foodservice businesses and manufacturers.

Our services include menu development through our online recipe database, chef demonstrations at your business or a bespoke programme here at our presentation kitchen we are keen to understand your business to help you get the most from our products. Or if you just want to taste how good our products are order up some free samples.

Mayonnaise brands – Rich Sauces is our premium brand for those confident businesses that want the best quality ingredients for their customers who come back time and again for great flavours

Mayonnaise manufacturers – As Irelands leading mayonnaise suppliers we make and distribute a wide range of mayonnaise recipes to match your business needs. This includes our

Real mayonnaise – Its what we are famous for. The first product we made and the recipe has not changed in 28 years. It is so good we challenge any other mayo to the mayo challenge and we are sure you will prefer our Real Mayo

Gourmet mayonnaise – Is our Great Taste Awards winning mayo, ideal for any manufacturer or foodservice customer who does not require the richer Real Mayo

Mayonnaise review – if you require a mayonnaise review you can’t look beyond our Great taste awards winning Gourmet, the feedback from our customers but don’t take our words for it order some free samples now

Flavoured mayonnaise - Ranging from the traditional Marie Rose or Garlic mayo to the vibrant Tikka or Coronation mayo your customers are sure to be pleased by these big flavours

Taco mayonnaise – Our best selling flavoured mayonnaise in Ireland. Infamous in our jointly created Taco Chip with Abrakebabra , and is much copied around the rest of the country but only the good ones use Rich Sauces

Tikka mayonnaise – Vibrant in its colour and flavour this flavoured mayonnaise adds so much to a chicken sandwich or the WOW factor to your deli counter

Coronation mayonnaise – Originally created for Queen Elizabeth II coronation. Our version has won a Great Taste Awards and is surely fit for royalty or anyone with Great Taste

Sauces manufacturer – More than just mayos, our sauces span the globe from East to West, served hot or cold and some are even freeze thaw stable we are sure to have the perfect sauce for your business

Sweet chilli sauce – As you expect from us this is a Rich strong Sweet Chilli sauce ideal for heating, mixing with mayo or for a kickin’ dipping sauce

Buy sauces – We make them and you buy them, it couldn’t be simpler. Just give us a call or drop an e-mail and our sales team will do the rest

Cooking stocks – Vital in a busy kitchen, strong flavoured stocks and bouillons are quick and easy tools to be used in stocks, soups and whatever your chef can come up with

Private label sauce – If you business demands private label we would be pleased to help. Working with various restaurant chains and distributors we understand the desire to develop your brand with our great products

Bar menu ideas – Our recipe database is trade specific and allows you to search by course, sauce, temperature or even dietary/allergen specific dishes