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Menu Development Ideas from Our Top Chefs

Did you know that NEW products command an extra 20% at the register? With this in mind, we offer a menu development service that is aimed at boosting your profits and keeping your customers coming back for more.

Fresh Ingredients and Ideas from a Sauce Maker You Can Trust

There are so many ways our catering supplies can add value to your menu or product range. Whether you are looking to add more flavour to your dishes or a manufacturer looking to develop a new range of tasty and convenient ready meals, we can help you to launch or expand new and exciting menus. We will help you to develop new dishes that promise quality, value for money and a taste sensation that your customers will want time and time again.

If you are looking for help defining your new menu, let the chefs at Rich Sauces help. We have been working with wholesale sauces and catering supplies for many years and know our products inside out. Speak to our team today on +44 (0) 2891819004.

Develop a Winning New Menu or Product Range with Our Expert Chefs

To our customers we are so much more than just sauce makers. Whilst catering supplies are at the heart of our business, we want you to get the very best from our products in your kitchen and in your meal ranges. Our experienced chefs can visit you in your kitchen or you are welcome to visit our demonstration kitchen for a presentation of our products.

Our menu development service covers everything from selecting the right ingredients to suit the nature of your business to defining portion control for each dish. Working closely with you, our chefs will develop a menu of dishes that are diverse, delicious and easy to prepare. The result is a quality menu that is easy to replicate in your own kitchen. We can also arrange training for your staff in the preparation of your new menu so let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Our menu development service offers the following unique benefits:

• Increases the quality and range of your menu
• Increases the exposure of your brand
• Helps you to increase your profit margins
• Keeps your customers interested and sharing experiences about your foods
• Gives you some great ideas that can be used in your kitchen or product range

You may also like to search our recipe database for that perfect main course, sauce, dressing or condiment. Our search facility allows you to search by desired course, ingredients, dietary requirements, hot and cold dishes and dishes that are freeze-thaw stable.

Speak to Rich Sauces today for expert advice with your new menu. We have a wealth of ideas we can work on with you and would be delighted to get started right away. Call us today on +44 (0) 2891819004.

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