Make way for BOLD, EXOTIC and INTENSE flavours in 2016

They’re the new watchwords on the food service scene for the upcoming year and their acceptance has accelerated as a result of consumers becoming more adventurous, being exposed to more multicultural societies and experiencing more long haul global travel.

In particular, the millennials are the most adventurous of all. In fact, 57% of UK 16-34 year olds would like to have a mix of flavours in their condiments whilst 59% of UK 25-34 year olds want to buy unusual flavoured dishes with street food inspired concepts, the fastest growing.

Here are the following 5 flavour trends we see dominating menus next year:

  • Popularity of ALCOHOLthe use of alcohol flavours is definitely on the rise to give a gourmet touch and adult profiles to many menu design ideas. The substantial growth in craft beer and locally produced spirits is leading to more alcohol being used in sauces or batters and being specified on the menu. In fact alcohol almost doubled in wholesale sauces and stocks over the past few months. 

  • Popularity of HEAT – undoubtedly there is a strong desire for spicier, more challenging flavours on café menu ideas. The passion and demand for heat continues to expand across the food service sector matching the increased consumer demands. It is no longer the exception but the standard. And here at Rich Sauces we’ve definitely catered for this trend. Take our chipotle BBQ sauce, its infused flavour will undoubtedly rock your taste buds it will undoubtedly add oomph to all it clings to in your menu design ideas. For other heat flavours be sure to try our sweet chilli sauce, taco mayo, Mexican fajita, Cajun or new rib and wing sauce.
  • Popularity of AMERICAN – undoubtedly there has been an expansion of south western flavours, an increase of 16.6% of BBQ mentions on UK menus. And here again at Rich Sauces, we’ve definitely catered for this trend. Take our Ranch dressing, it’s creamy without being heavy and will liven up any salad or take our Mexican fajita sauce it will add that ultimate fusion twist to your menu design ideas. For other American flavours be sure to try our chipotle and cajun sauce.

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  • Popularity of LATIN AMERICAN - Latin inspired concepts are prominent across all food service categories e.g. burger, breakfast, salads. Current product trends are regional Mexican dishes and fusion concepts with Brazil remaining influential in the run up to the 2016 Olympics. Brazillian menu design ideas are sure to capture the imagination of sport loving consumers.2016Olympics.png
  • Popularity of ASIAN – Asian flavours are finding traction in all food service categories. Take our wholesale sauces range, we offer a peking, and pad thai sauce, all designed to spice up your menu design ideas or for a flavoured mayonnaise try our tikka mayo that will add vibrancy to any deli counter!

If your business is focusing on other emerging trends in 2016 we would love to hear them, Please share in the comments section below

Undoubtedly flavour is the no 1 driver for all food purchases and here at Rich Sauces we have made our quality catering food supplies the most flavoursome they can be and up to date with the latest trends. To request free samples, simply fill out our sample request form at the top of our catering food supply website or to purchase immediately we have a range of catering food suppliers around UK and Ireland who can deliver to you. Make sure to contact us for more information.