Mix it up! Preparing mixes only takes a few minutes at the start of the day and is well worth the time and effort simply because…

  1. Having premade mixes on display gives customers a visual choice for what they can order helping to simplify their decision making process. |


  1. Since most people buy with their eyes, having colourful premade mixes can make your counter stand out and potentially draw in more customers with the till bell ringing! 


  1. By using prepared mixes it saves time for both the customer and server when arranging the finished sandwich/menu design idea.


  1. Sandwich mixes are much more consistent use of catering food supplies rather than simply pouring over protein.


  1. Using mixes can reduce the cost of the overall sandwich, and subsequently increase your profitabiliy


  1. Sandwich mixes allow for a more refined flavour as our sauces have time to marinate and flavour the protein sandwich.


  1. Mixes made with our Rich Sauces or Alfee’s sauces guarantee longer shelf life.


  1. Lastly by using mixes, portion control can be employed better ensuring improved consistency in sandwiches produced and accuracy in pricing. Our chef’s recommend using a 12” ice cream scoop for portion control of 100g approximately.

Free Samples

So there you have it plenty of reasons for using sandwich mixes. For ideas of sandwich mixes for your café menu ideas don’t be afraid to check out or website.