Quite briefly this blog will outline the day I spent out with Rich Sauces sales rep Gareth Stubbings around Armagh and Newry.

Beginning in Dungannon, we visited a convenience and deli store only through word and mouth that the owner of this store wanted to speak with a Rich Sauces sales rep as they were looking for cafe menu ideas. Upon arrival, as Gareth introduced himself, it seemed the man had no recollection of Rich Sauces and their products.

Consequently, however this visit turned out to be an advantageous opportunity for Gareth to present wholesale sauces and outlining their features and benefits, taste samples and offer the potential buyer a chance to meet with James (applications manager) to develop and trial menu design ideas.

Next stop was Armagh, where again we visited a convenience and deli store however in this case it was only a follow up call to check how well the wholesale sauces were being implemented and offer more menu design ideas if need be. The owner here also outlined that she had plans to begin a mixed salad counter and potentially would be needing more sauces- winner winner!

Free Samples

The next two visits basically took the form of finding out why the companies didn’t wish to change suppliers with the intent of using this feedback to improve or alter Rich Sauce’s products/ services.  There is often the challenge of getting a business to change or add a catering food suppliers, and this was the issue in one call. Samples were still left with the owners allowing comparisons to be made and hopefully encourage switching to our catering food supplies.

Motoring on up the road we stopped at a flower and deli shop again just to check how the wholesale sauces ordered were selling. Unfortunately, the owner hadn’t got round to setting these in place and in this case a repeat visit would occur.  

After having visited all these food places, hunger had definitively kicked in and it was time for a spot of lunch. Choosing Eddie Rockets as the eatery was ideal and the company even better after meeting a local distributor, Des Carson - hearing all his antics!

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Within Newry, several places were visited including related restaurants in the hope that if one of the restaurants are using Rich Sauces then the other venture might take orders too. Other bistros and cafes were visited but due to the busy nature of lunch time, several chefs were too busy to talk in which case a repeat visit would follow.

Overall, my day spent out with Gareth proved very entertaining but most of all educational!