The foundation of any good soup or casserole is a good quality stock.  When you use a high quality stock you add layers of flavour that come through with every mouthful.  Our Ham Bouillon is just one example of our outstanding cooking stocks and is an excellent base for meat soups, clear soups, stews, casseroles and sauces.

You’ll never experience a powdery consistency with Rich Sauces cooking stocks.  They come in a paste form allowing you to use just the right amount and blend your stock to perfection.  Unlike other stock manufacturers we ensure low salt levels in all of our bouillons.  This ensures the pure flavour of our stocks is not overpowered and that you get the robust smoky taste of gammon and ham and nothing else. 

A Great Alternative to Your Usual Wholesale Powders

If you are looking to switch stock manufacturers or you are using stocks for the first time, we give you an amazing alternative to traditional wholesale powders.  Because our stocks are pastes rather than powders you get a smoother consistency, a rich flavour and better control over the amounts you use in your recipes. 

Our stocks, sauces, dressings and mayos are some of the best catering supplies on the market today and offer you a great deal of choice and versatility in your kitchen.  We bring a world of flavour to your door and we are constantly improving and expanding our range to give you even more choice. 

If it’s inspiration you seek, check out our recipe finder for ideas on how to best use our cooking stocks.  We would also be delighted to send some free samples your way.