Another Award?  Oh Go On Then

We’ll admit it, our chests are swelling with pride here at Rich Sauces with all the award action we have been experiencing lately. It’s cost us loads in widening our doorsJ 

The Bulk Sauce That Really Packs A Punch

We hope you won’t mind us bragging a little about our Sweet Chilli Sauce.  This hot little number, along with our Chipotle Sauce,  brought us home a Great Taste Double Star Award and we are delighted. In fact, it’s the only Sweet Chilli Sauce to hold this title.  Considering the growing popularity of this bulk sauce in supermarkets and restaurants, this was quite a big deal for us. 

We’re Always On The Lookout For Our Next Award Winning Wholesale Sauce

As a leading sauce supplier in the UK, we cannot afford to and will not rest on our laurels. We are always looking for that next big award winner. Our existing customers already know the benefits of using a Rich Sauces bulk sauce and the inspiration our products can bring to any kitchen and any dish. If you are looking to buy sauces from the best in the business, we are proud to say you’ve found us.

We stand out from most other sauce makers because we are not driven purely by profits. This is clear to see when you visit us at a trade show or here at Rich Sauces HQ.  We are passionate about our products, new developments and our customers and it shows in everything we do.  Why not try out some free samples of our Sweet Chilli Sauce for yourself or contact us for help with menu development?

P.S.  Did we tell you that we won some awards?  Okay, we’ll stop now!