Cooking stocks - The perfect foundation for soups, casseroles and sauces

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Cooking Stocks—The Perfect Foundation For Soups, Casseroles and Sauces

Our Beef Bouillon is rich in flavour, low in salt and big on value.  It’s the basis for super soups, creative casseroles and stupendous stews.  When you are looking for that awesome robust beefy flavour, our cooking stocks pack a punch and yet won’t overpower your dishes.  

Each of the stocks in our wholesale stocks range is blended to perfection and presented in a paste format.  If you are currently using other wholesale powders, you may have experienced problems in the blending process or a powdery mouth feel in your finished dish.  Our Beef Bouillon allows you to use the exact quantity you need and it melts immediately into your dish spreading its delicious flavour throughout. 

When Other Cooking Stocks Just Don’t Make The Grade…Rich Sauces Comes Through As An Outstanding Stock Manufacturer

If you want to make the best dishes, you really need to use a good stock.  Low quality stocks can be salty, lack flavour and can be hard to blend together.  We use the best ingredients and our chefs have mastered our cooking stocks to perfection.  Through rigorous taste testing and recipe development we ensure that each and every one of our catering supplies is ideal for your kitchen.

We would be delighted to arrange a chef demonstration in your kitchen or ours and to show you just how versatile and easy to use our cooking stocks can be.  As a premium stock manufacturer, you can count on our products to bring you the best attention from your patrons and the best returns. 

If it’s inspiration you seek, check out our recipe finder for ideas on how to best use our cooking stocks and any of our catering supplies.  We would also be delighted to send some free samples your way.

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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