Down Mexico Way - Green Salad With A Rich Sauces Twist


Green salads can be a little unimaginative, a little lacklustre and dare we say, boring?  But they don’t have to be. When you have some jars and bottles of Rich Sauces magic on your kitchen shelves there is no excuse for turning out mediocre meals. 


Let Out Your Creative Side With Our Versatile Salad Dressings 

Our Mexican Green Salad for example, takes some classic salad ingredients and a sly old drizzle of our Mexican Fajita Sauce.  The result is a fiery combination of refreshing flavours, crunchy bite and a unique taste that will have them queuing up to try some of that special, south of the border taste.   Why not add a few tortilla chips and hot salsa dip on the side to really spice things up? 

 Our Mexican Green Salad also goes great with grilled chicken, or how about some jalapeno cheese poppers?  If you customers really like things hot, throw on a few fresh or bottled jalapenos for extra fire.  This is a really versatile salad and also goes very well as a side with nachos. 

 Not Just Catering Supplies—Free Samples, Recipes And More

 If you are looking for a new salad dressing brand that brings out your creative side and gives you bags of inspiration, place your next wholesale salad dressing order with Rich Sauces.  Our real mayonnaise, wholesale sauces, salad dressings and stocks are just some of the premium quality catering supplies that will help you to increase your margins and enhance your reputation. 

 Fancy some free samples of our Mexican Fajita Sauce to experiment with?  Get in touch and we’ll have some with you faster than you can say Speedy Gonzales!