Farts, Sugar-Free or Portion Control the decision is YOURS

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Air biscuits, breaking wind, trumps, gas, blowing off, shooting ducks, parping, letting one rip, bottom burp or whatever your chosen term might be it is a highly possible side effect from consuming sugar free products

Okay so this is a subject matter most people don't want to talk about especially on a food blog.
But as it is a by-product or a potential side effect of food I believe it needs to be discussed and especially with the increased focus on the evils of Sugar

I struck on this subject having very generously been given a range of sugar free chocolate, cookies and popcorn to sample. Whilst enjoying some popcorn with my beer during a match on TV I took to reading the popcorn packaging (I have a limited attention span when football is on) I noticed the below statement


“Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect” 

It was a Thursday night so I was not planning anything excessive but it did make me wonder is this a common claim that is included on most Sugar free foods? How many consumers have been increasingly tooting their own horn unaware of this little highlighted side effect of their sugar free snack?

I probably would not have thought more about this other than my colleagues commented on this the very next day (I had shared out the sugar free goods to get general feedback)

Now this is certainly not a scientific experiment but out of the 9 people in our office that consumed varying amounts of sugar free chocolate, cookies or popcorn of an afternoon 3 of us experienced turbulence in our digestive systems. (I will leave it at that)

At this point let me pause and re-emphasise that I DO NOT buy food or drink based on health or well being claims. I purchase and consume based on taste first and value for money second (After all who doesn’t like a bargain)

My attitude towards fats, sugars, and salt (the tasty, bad stuff) is that I prefer to consume the real thing, in small quantities and irregularly.

In the interests of full disclosure my family business produce certain products that will be high in fat eg, real mayonnaise or high in sugar eg, sweet chilli sauce so I can certainly accept I come from a biased opinion

But we don’t sell those high sugar products as low fat, similarly we don’t promote the health benefits of our real mayonnaise which is exceedingly high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 due to the high proportion of rapeseed oil we use. We purely promote on taste. If you have a specific diet like low fat we would always encourage to still use our high fat product but just less of it than you might of a low fat product. After all if you take the fat out what does it get replaced with? What does that substitute do to you?

Now before I am accused of defending sugar, I am not. Taken excessive sugar increases your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid problems, Heart disease, Polycystic ovarian syndrome and Dementia (according to Wikipedia) and compared to Excessive use of Maltitol (an artificially produced sweetener that is a member of the sugar alcohol family) which causes stomach and abdominal pains, diarrhea and excessive gas I certainly know which I would prefer.

Our view to most health demands (Obviously I exclude allergens in this, We are a Nut free site by the way) is portion control and frequency of consumption. Eat a smaller amount of the full fat product less often. Simples

Obviously there are a lot of consumer demands out there that I personally do not have or our business will not supply but I do wonder if people looking to avoid the evils of sugar are aware of this potential side effect of a sugar substitute. If a third of people substituting sugar experience an increase  in abdominal pain that is a significant side effectIt is so much of a potential side effect that producers feel compelled to warn about it on the packaging.

The dangers of excessive sugar consumption are obviously severe for the individual and the subsequent challenges they will bring to their public services. But rather than substituting the sugar and turning the air blue might it be a better idea just to eat less sugar, or eat it less often?

If you have any view on sugar free, the evils of sugar or have an alternative wording for bottom burps please comment below

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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