{Foolproof Formula} Profitable, Consistent Cafe Menu Ideas Using Sandwich Fillings

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Whether you build ever sandwich from scratch, using sandwich fillings or passed through various stations, consistency is the key to customer satisfaction

A Foolproof Formula For Profitable Consistent Cafe Menu ideas

How often do you return to a cafe, restaurant or takeway to get that great food made by the super friendly server only to be greeted by a surly bloke who makes you a sandwich that tastes nothing like you remember? Setting aside the customer service malfunction (he was probably having a bad day after all!) there really is no excuse in a food service business not to be producing consistent food regardless of who the server is (No excuses here if your having a bad day, ITS YOUR JOB)

This point of consistency is something we regularly approach with our customers. There are several reasons to take consistency seriously, namely:

  1. Profitability: After all making a turn is the over riding reason why all food service businesses trade. Without profit we wouldn't be here. Specifically if one server regularly gives 150g of protein whereas another only gives 100g yet the recipe is based on 75g it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that this sandwich is unlikely to hit its GP targets. (What is a rocket scientist doing in my kitchen
  2. Customer Satisfaction is not about being satisfied as such but more about their expectations having been met. Eating from quite a number of successful fast food chains would not satisfy you but you would undoubtedly have your expectations met or possibly even exceeded.
  3. Brand Reputation will undoubtedly be affected by inconsistency in the quality of the product they sell. Is it any wonder car companies are so reluctant to recall due to adverse public perception?

But getting back to our surly bloke making your sandwich there really is no excuse for inconsistency the answer is to use sandwich fillings.

Now sandwich fillings as a catering supplies might sound rather lacking in finnesse but it is effective. A sandwich fillings with 2 or more ingredients is a great way to deliver both consistent flavour and if the servers use a levelled ice cream scoop it will deliver on profitability.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich Mix Coronation_chicken_sandwich_mix.jpg


The recipe above (Just click on the image for full details) is a perfect example of using coronation mayonnaise combined with chicken pieces to have a base that you can use for multiple dishes. The key to this is to create a menu that uses the base of the mix in mulitple dishes. In the customers eyes you have quite a wide ranging menu but in practice you simplify the process for your staff allowing you to improve the 3 points of profitability, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

To demonstrate how simple this is you could develop this Coronation Chicken And Spinach Wrap by adding sprinkled almonds, diced apricots or as one of our customers does add an onion bhaji.

It is this point of having a consistent base in the background allows you to develop your cafe menu ideas that will ultimately be profitable, consistent, and leave you with a lot of satisifed customers.



Now if you love or loath using sandwich fillings or like or despise eating food service sandwich using them please let me know your experiences below in the commnets section


I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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