For Cafe Menu Ideas Ask Your Catering Food Suppliers

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There are some items on your menu board that are so popular it would be madness to remove them from your menu. The all day breakfast, chicken salad sandwich, burger and chips or the soup of the day are expected by customers to be ever present. But why not develop your offering to  excite your customers with new cafe menu ideas. Catering food suppliers can oftern be a great help with this....

For Cafe Menu Ideas Ask Your Catering Food Suppliers

As a catering food supplies sauces company with a staff canteen serving 80 lunch covers we work with catering food suppliers as both a customer and as them being a customer of ours (selling our products to other businesses). So I can see the challenges but also the benefits of working with a catering food suppliers. If you are starting a food business check out this blog post

But we have found that menu design ideas can be developed from considering the products on offer with a distributor or even looking at the NEW ingredients that have been added to their catalogue. 

So much of this is dependent on the business development manager that has been assigned to your food service business, but other resources such as their web presence or catalogue should help give your kitchen stadd a few ideas.

The other way to get menu design ideas is by speaking directly with the companies whose catering food supplies you use.

Ask For A Chef Demonstration



This is something we here in Rich Sauces take a lot of pride in. We want to share our experience of what works and what doesn't with our active and potential customers. This seems like a fairly fluffy statement but this is how we sell and develop our customer base.

Our Free Chef Demonstration is an opportunity to show you products possibly not already on your menu board but also to review the quality and consistency of some of your core items with your kitchen team. Check out our twist on the classic potato salad.

If we can demonstrate how are products can benefit your business to achieve More Flavour, More Customers, More Profit. We are sure you will become a customer of ours. That at least is the plan but I still need to prove it to you.

So please take a look at our website for some recipe ideas, or new catering food supplies you might like to sample

Free Samples   Above all don't let regular customers slip through your hands by not offering them anything new. Try out some menu design ideas to keep your staff keen and your customers hungry for something new. Even if the specials are not purchased it still shows your customers that you are constantly developing even if they still do want a chicken salad sandwich.


I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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