Turn your cafe menu ideas into a food service business:

All good businesses start with a simple idea

A passion based heavily on one persons view of how food should be.

From cafe menu ideas to starting a food business

Don't get me wrong plenty of businesses start with the simple necessity to sell food and make money but few businesses survive without a passion or an enthusiasm which usually stems from a simple idea.

For us the idea to become a catering supplies manufacturer happened by accident rather than design.

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But since 1986 we have worked with a lot of new food businesses and so we decide to publish our 9 things to consider when starting a food business

What to prioritise? :

These nine points to consider are by no means exhaustive and dependent on your background (accountants will always pick costs/ profit as No 1) you will prioritise them differently.

So in no particular order:

  • Who is my ideal customer? 
  • 1. Is location key for my business? 
  • 2. Who are my competitiors?
  • 3. What ingredients or catering supplies will I use? 
  • 4. How skilled are my staff and how many do we need?
  • 5. Which catering suppliers will I use?
  • 6. What style of food will we serve?
  • 7. How should I market my business?
  • 8. Costs and profitability (probably the most important)

I am sure you can see all of these points will be worth reviewing when assessing starting a food business or if you will simply leave it as that. An idea.



Over the course of the next nine weeks I am going to develop all of these 9 points and create seperate blog posts on each.

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If you are considering starting a food business we would be keen to help you. So feel free to contact us and if you would like some free samples we would be pleased to help

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