Healthy menu options are always a hot topic and it makes great business sense to include lower fat alternatives on your menu.  Give your customers lighter menu choices by using our Light Mayonnaise.  Containing all of the great taste of our real mayonnaise, our Light Mayonnaise allows you to appeal to a wider audience without compromising on quality or taste. 

Guilt-Free Recipes That Really Hit The Spot

Our lighter mayonnaise gives you so many options when it comes to planning a healthier menu.  Use as a spread to create new healthier sandwich ideas or use as a dip with baked potato wedges, crudités, breadsticks or chicken goujons. 

Rich Sauces Light Mayonnaise is also perfect for making those traditional mayo favourites such as coleslaw, potato salad and Waldorf salad.  And because it’s light, you can shave off significant calories and fat grams from your recipes.  Your health conscious customers will love you for it! 

Our premium range of mayonnaises includes everything from flavoured mayonnaises through to our signature real mayonnaise.  We fill the catering gaps that other mayonnaise brands leave wide open by giving you more choice, better value and lots of inspiration. 

We would be delighted to tell you more about our Light Mayonnaise or any of our mayonnaise products.  Browse our recipe finder for inspiration and order some free samples to try out for yourself.  We think…sorry, we know you will be impressed with the Rich Sauces taste and quality!