Gluten Free Wholesale Vegetable Bouillon – a kitchen essential catering food supplies



This is without doubt an ingredient that has revolutionised modern cooking – no more time consuming stock making or using dreaded chemically favoured cubes. With our vegetable bouillon you’ll get an instant delicious pure vegetable stock any time.

It’s savoury flavour of fresh garden vegetables and seasonings will add amazing flavour to any café menu ideas yet remaining completely vegetarian– in fact it’ll become your best friend in the kitchen.

Not only are this but our range of great taste award winning bouillons low in both salt and fat content making it not only tasty but healthier too. Along with this, you won’t find any artificial colours or preservatives in our wholesale bouillons ensuring your dishes retain their natural colour exactly as you intended. And even better, our wholesale bouillons dissolve easily and make up to 50 litres so more value for your money!


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It is also worth noting that this is a #glutenfree sauce so it can be offered to Coeliacs. Just watch out for any cross contamination with your batter, bread or other gluten ingredients being used in your kitchen

It really is the natural enhancer of all stews, casseroles, sauces, gravies, risottos and soups.

Free Samples

Sounds all too good to be true then have a try for yourself. Simply fill out our free sample request form at the top of the page and we can arrange to get our superb vegetable bouillon to you. Or if you’re feeling pretty confident already, our bouillon can be bought either directly from ourselves or in smaller quantities from our catering food suppliers across UK and Ireland. Contact us for more information.