As a nation of causal diners and casual dining operators we are obsessed with complaints and when it comes to the restaurant and food catering industry it’s especially rife.

Although, naturally, everyone makes mistakes, it’s best to never ignore complaints. In fact recognising complaints and dealing with them well is one of the most difficult and important processes to get right. This increasingly applies online to how you deal with reviews both positive and negative.


Ask your customers how they find the food/menu design ideas, give them a chance to provide feedback. If nothing comes up it at least shows you care. Or how about training your staff into teams for specific complaints ensuring they are dealt with appropriately and effectively. Did you know over compensating is one of the most popular options in handling complaints. Do you use this method?

But also remember not every piece of constructive or corrective feedback from a customer is a complaint- sometimes it is a request for an oversight to be rectified, sometimes a request for information and sometimes it is just plain feedback.

But whatever feedback you receive you need to act fast. Getting things right, then maintaining high standards and finally continuing to over deliver on expectation is so important. After all, restaurants succeed or fail on their reputation so be sure to defuse complaints through feedback.


Do you train your front of house team on feedback handling?