I try to stay away from navel gazing here on our blog, but there are some weeks when it is especially nice to refect on what has happened. Needless to say it has been a good week

Menu Design Ideas For #fridayfeeling

As a #sme #B2B catering food supplies manufacturer we have a limited but highly targeted marketing budget. For the past 24 months it has very much been my mission

  1. To develop our website for the explosion of mobile devices (Please comment if you are reading this on a mobile device) 
  2. Focus the website design with the primary goal of generating qualified leads.
  3. To increase our presence on the world wide web 
  4. To publish and promote new cafe menu ideas for our customers 
  5. To use social media to develop engaagement with our customers and potential market influencers

Now I have my own view on how successful this has been and this is backed up by steady direct and indirect sales we have achieved over the last 2 years.

But to be honest it has only been in the last few months I have really got a handle on the tools of the trade and how I can best spend our online time to generate the most return. Afer all ROI is key.



Staring Out To Sea For Catering Food Supplies Customers

Prior to starting our online revolution I would say it was a matter of staring out to sea for potential customers hoping that they would pass by, either at our stand at a trade show, a distributors brochure or even our name in the phone book (anyone under 20 check it out on wikipedia)

But since embracing our web presence, focusing on developing our brand and product recognition online by featuring our Great Taste Award winning Coronation mayonnaise and quality marie rose sauce we have slow started to attract more potential customers to our website.

Today alone we had an two real quality enquiries

  1. from an egg merchant in Ireland who in fairness had never even featured on our target hit list of potential customers and
  2. a seafood processor in Denmark who is looking to produce value added items for his food service customer base

You can tell from this post that this has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling, Certainly neither of these two enquiries are certain to not result in a direct sale for any number of issues, but it does reinforce that our heightened online marketing is indeed paying dividends. For enquiries to arrive from a non target market like Denmark where we have absolutely NO market presence it reinforce the power of the week to promote individual products like our coronation mayonnaise or marie rose sauce but also how catering food supplies can seriously be marketed to a global audience.

And Relax

So it is with a happy heart that I head for home with that #fridayfeeling sure that the long term work is starting to bear some serious fruit for our business. Have a great weekend y'all

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