Quite briefly this blog will outline the day I spent with Executive Chef James Davidson demonstrating Rich Sauces wholesales sauces.

Prior to the event itself came plenty of preparation – as you can see all the necessary food ingredients had to be neatly chopped and stored individually, wholesale sauces had to be lined up and polished food equipment set out – luckily for me James already had this well underway and I was only needed to wheel them into the boardroom! Phew!


With our customer set to arrive, James quickly gave me a briefing on their business and what would happen in this presentation whilst of course gearing himself up – understandably feeling a little nervous.

As the clients arrived, immediately an informal/relaxed setting had been created allowing customers to feel comfortable discussing their background and aims with Rich Sauces. As both the customer and James had a similar background, having both been chefs, the presentation proved quite relatable and their passion towards food undoubtedly showed!

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With mouths beginning to water, James began his chef demonstration preparing 12 salads menu design ideas previously agreed with the clients. Luckily for me, I sat alongside the clients so as soon as they had delved into them they passed them to me to finish off (only joking – just to taste!)

Throughout this demonstration, it provided a great opportunity for James to discuss the features and benefits of each catering food supplies in correspondence with the dishes. It also allowed the customers to not only taste the dishes to determine which ones they may wish to implement but also view the versatility of the products and the speed/ease at which the dishes can be made – a very important aspect when working in a busy deli counter and key to good cafe menu ideas.



For Cathy, the rep from the introductory catering food suppliers who had joined the presentation, it enabled her to see how it was possible to develop cafe menu ideas from Rich Sauces products, view them alongside competitors’ and ultimately recommend them to the distributor customers.

As the tasting was coming to an end and the bellies no longer rumbling, John, the sales director for Rich Sauces lastly began to talk business with them giving James a well-deserved break and a chance for me to work off those salads – yes in the form of dishes!


Overall, for me this presentation was a real eye opener in terms of the preparation needed, the approach required and the benefits received in presenting menu design ideas!