Profits Through Portion Control - We Can Show You How


Portion control is so important in catering.  Not only do you need to get the most from your catering supplies, but you also need to ensure the margins on all dishes you sell are as high as possible without affecting quality.  Getting the balance just right can be hard especially if you have a chain of catering establishments and you need to train staff in the art and importance of regulated portions. 


Learn How Portion Control Can Make A Significant Impact On Profits


The good news is that our trained and experienced chefs can help you to make the most of your wholesale catering supplies and to ensure your catering staff know how to make a little go a lot further.  By carefully reviewing each of your recipes, learning more about the capabilities of the catering supplies you are working with and adjusting portion sizes, you could start to see a really positive difference on your balance sheet.


Get The Most From Your Catering Supplies - Book Your Demo Today


Why not arrange one of our chef demonstrations at your establishment?  We can teach your staff the importance of consistent portions and how this can have a significant effect on profits.  We’ll work closely with you so that you get the best returns on the dishes you prepare and the most value out of the wholesale sauces, mayonnaise and other catering supplies you purchase from us. 


At Rich Sauces, we want to ensure that you get the best possible experience with our products and we would be delighted to arrange training at your convenience.  We can also give you advice about portion control over the phone or by email, so please do not hesitate to contact us.