Well the time has come for me to reflect on my placement experience at Rich Sauces. I’ll not mention everything I got up to but simply draw out a few of my highlights.

One of which was being out on the road with sales rep, Gareth. It was a day out of the office sure, only joking! In fact, it was really insightful allowing me to see how Gareth presents and sells our wholesale sauces, outlining their features and benefits. Whilst also observing how he manages knockbacks and feedback. At times it even felt weird visiting familiar restaurants/cafes in my local area in a way that I don’t normally visit them i.e. with my business head on!


Another highlight for me was definitely the opportunity to get involved in a new product development project. This involved script editing sessions, shooting an advertisement video with a live chicken – need I say more, sales interviews and various bits of market research to find potential customers. In fact, this project was so interesting I decided to use it as my university assignment.

Some weeks I even got to work within the quality department working out nutritional information on various recipes. This enabled me to learn more about the products and work on website development.

And other weeks I was involved in chef demonstrations again discussing the features and benefits of our catering food supplies in correspondence with dishes. It not only allowed customers to taste the dishes to determine which ones they may wish to implement but also view the versatility of the products and the speed/ease at which the dishes can be made.

Overall, my placement experience has been an absolute blast and I’d like to take the opportunity now to thank Rich Sauces. Much office craic has been had, experiences learnt and long-time friendships made.


Looking to the future, I still wish to experience a little more of the food industry perhaps within the quality department before ultimately following my long term dream of becoming a teacher/lecturer.