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Rich Sauces Chipotle Sauce and Alfees Ad in the January edition of Sandwich and Snack news

 Rich Sauces is excited to announce the launch of our Chipotle Sauce. A New sauce that will add a blast of the South West (USA, Not Cornwall) to your sandwich mixes, wraps, panini’s and wet salads. “What’s a chipotle?” we hear you cry.  Well, a chipotle is a wonderful smoke-dried jalapeno chilli that is traditionally used in many Mexican dishes. Our development team have taken that flavour and created a sauce perfect for any manufacturer, chef or cook to impress their customers with. 

 Tim Kells, Sultan of Sauce at Rich Sauces believes that Chipotle Sauce will be a great new addition to their range “consumers are becoming more familiar with the name and flavour of Chipotle, whether it’s the chain restaurant, Subways south west sauce, or Walkers Chipotle crisps, Chipotle is becoming more common on menus and in demand from consumers.

 Rich Sauces Chipotle Sauce is officially launched at IFE 2013, with tasting available at the show or samples available on request from Rich Sauces are supporting Chipotle sauce by adding trade specific recipes to our website to get the best out of this new sauce

“We have already been supplying Chipotle sauce to a manufacturer and their Chipotle Chicken Sandwiches sales have been colossal as well as achieving higher margins that a unique flavour commands. So lets make 2013 the Year of the Chipotle!”


I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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