Stop!  It’s Salad Time! 


We made a rocket salad yesterday, but it went off before we could try it!  Oh dear.  The sun is out and so are our awful salad jokes.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we have loads of them!  Okay, we’ll stop now, but jokes aside, the summer is a great time to start drumming up some new salad ideas to draw in trade.  Whether you are offering salads as a main, a side or a takeaway option, our salad dressings turn a simple salad into something legendary. 


Our Premium Salad Dressings Are Instant Sunshine In a Bottle


Green salads are all about fresh, crunchy vegetables and flavour.  Dressing a salad with a high quality wholesale salad dressing adds real appeal and will have your customers coming back for more.  Take our Moroccan Orange Dressing for example.  This zesty and aromatic salad dressing is great with grilled chicken and a green salad or can be used to add interest to any wet salad mixes including coleslaw or potato salad. 


Summer is all about al fresco dining, fun in the sun and salads that transport your patrons to sunnier climes with every mouthful.  Even when the weather outside is gloomy and grey, a great Caesar or Fire Roasted Tomato dressing can add a little Mediterranean magic.  If you are looking for a new salad dressing brand and want cost effective dressings that are full of taste, but not on artificial colours or flavours, add Rich Sauces to your catering supplies list. 


Book Your Free Chef Demonstration with Our Salad Dressing Company Today


As a leading salad dressing company, we offer so much more than just our products.  We want you to get the best from your salad dressings which is why we offer you free samples, free recipes and also our unique chef demonstrations.  These can be arranged in your kitchen or ours, so why not book a demo to see what our dressings could add to your business?