Sweet Chilli Sauce Is THE Catering Food Supplies 4 Menu Design Ideas 

If you thinks that the popular condiment of Thai origin is a one dimensional catering food supplies then I guess you must be using a one dimensional Sweet Chilli Sauce. But if you invest in a quality sweet chilli sauce you can have numerous menu design ideas from this ever popular catering food supplies.


The most common brands like Mae Ploy and Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce are great sauces but only really work as a dipping sauce as they are very watery. To cook or to prepare any food in your cafe menu ideas you need a sauce with a richer, deeper flavour and that lasts on your palles

 Great Taste Award Winning Sweet Chilli Sauce

It will be no surprise that our food service spectacular sweet chilli sauce is that top quality sauce. Now don't just take my word for it. This product previously received two gold stars from the Great Taste Awards.

The "Great" thing about the Great Taste Awards beyond the rigorous testing they go through prior to receiving awards is that the award can be used on in store point of sale. So if your food service business is using ANY Great Taste Award products on your menu you can include the logo right their. This all works to reaffirm with your customer that you are using industry regarded quality ingredients. Pretty good eh?



 So why not develop your next menu design ideas based on using Great Taste Award winning products. Ask your catering food suppliers for which Grea Taste Producer products they stock?



sweet-chilli-noodle-Salad-menu-design-ideas.jpg Sweet Chilli Prawn Noodle Salad

Now to properly test what I am talking abou here with regards to different quality of sauces, try making this prawn noodle salad (CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR RECIPE DETAILS) up using the Rich Sauces product and then try it with any other sweet chilli sauce you can find. I realise this seems like a bold statemen, I am not bad mouthing other products as even our Alfee Sweet Chilli Sauce does not do as good a job.

The challenge for this noodle salad is for the sauce to coat the noodles, and to not just run to the bottom of the dish. It is a great dish either as a main course or as a take home tub for sharing at a BBQ. If you are looking for BBQ catering menu design ideas Why not check out 10 BBQ Catering Tips Blog post

As always with any food marketing you need to look past the POS, beyond the chitter chat and taste the product. So I would encourage you to order a sample of our Sweet Chilli Sauce. Simply click on the button below, fill out your details and we will take it from their.

After all if our sauces don't provide your business with More Flavour, More Customers and More Profit why would you use our products?

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