A good sauce can really add a much needed spark to breaded and crumbed fish.  Fish on its own can be quite bland but a little Rich Sauces Tartare Sauce on the side adds a piquant contrast that no other sauce can provide.  Bite after bite, our Tartare Sauce adds interest to many a fish dish.  Goujons, fish fillets, fish fingers and battered seafood tastes so much better with a side helping of tartare.  Surprisingly, it also goes well with lamb cutlets and sweetbreads. 

Bring Your Fish Dishes to Life

Our real mayonnaise forms the base of our Tartare Sauce.  We then add gherkins, mustard and capers for lots of bite and taste.  Fried breaded and battered fish can be quite bland on its own which is why great tasting condiments are a must for your customers.  The creamy consistency, quality ingredients and smooth mouth feel make our Tartare Sauce the best you can offer on your counter or your table.  It’s also great for having on hand in the kitchen to use in fish and seafood recipes. 

If you are currently buying your bulk sauce from other sauce brand names, give Rich Sauces a try.  We guarantee you will be impressed by the taste, consistency and premium quality of our products, and the price. 

And if you are looking for recipe inspiration, our recipe finder can help.  We can send you free samples and give you lots of bar menu ideas or ideas for your new restaurant menu.