The Taste Of Fresh Tomatoes With A Cheeky Little Kick

Tomato based sauces are one of the darling ingredients of the kitchen and are used in so many dishes.  Whether you’re making a bolognese or a curry, a well rounded tomato sauce provides a robust base flavour and the perfect wet ingredient that will help you to get the consistency of your dish just right.  Our Tomato and Chilli Sauce provides all of those great qualities with the added bonus of a surprising chilli kick. 

This sauce is perfect for traditional Mexican dishes, Italian arabiata dishes and of course curries.  The beauty of using our Tomato and Chilli Sauce is that you avoid the risk of overpowering a dish by using fresh chilli.  Our sauce gives you the freedom to add more chilli powder or fresh chopped chilli to suit the taste of your patrons and the dishes on your menu.  It’s also great used over chicken as a pouring sauce.  

As one of the leading sauce brand names, Rich Sauces offers you a wide range of high quality sauces that will fast become staple ingredients on your kitchen shelf.  If you would like to find out more about our wholesale sauces or you need some great bar menu ideas, get in touch

Grab a Free Sample Today And Some Free Restaurant Menu Ideas

We want to share our sauces and catering supplies with the world.  We believe the best way to do this is to put our money where our mouth is in the form of free samples.  Why not try our sauces out for size?  Speaking of size, we can supply our Tomato and Chilli Sauce in bottles, buckets or by the pallet load.  It’s your choice!  We have lots of recipes on our recipe finder and would be delighted to send some free samples your way.