Turn A Fine Salad Into a Divine Salad With Our Salad Dressings


At Rich Sauces, we just can’t handle limp lettuce.  Our salad recipes are full of crunchy, crisp vegetables and lovingly combined with our delicious salad dressings.  We love the way a good salad dressing can instantly transform a humble little collection of vegetables and turn it into a cacophony of taste, texture, crunch and zing! 


Wholesale Salad Dressings With Bite


As a leading salad dressing company, we take great care over our range and ensure we bring our customers the right balance of choice, flavour, blendability (we may have made up that word!), and cost.  Each of our wholesale salad dressings has been created using the best ingredients and absolutely no artificial flavours or colours.  We want your salads to sing with flavour and to wow with colour. With our salad dressings on your shelf they most certainly will. 


Salad Dressing In a Casserole?  You Bet! 


Our salad dressings aren’t just great for pepping up your green salads.  They are also great for wet salads and for adding a little unique flavour to your bar or restaurant menu.  Wet salads make great sides and the more variety you have available the more memorable and versatile your menu will be.  Our Tomato and Basil Salad Dressing is also great added to a casserole and will add a new dimension in colour and flavour.  Try it out! 


From our traditional tangy Caesar Dressing to our brand new Ranch Dressing, we offer a wealth of flavour for a great price.  Increase your margins by switching to our cost effective, premium quality salad dressings.  We would be delighted to send you some free samples and you can also get some inspiration from our Recipe Finder.