So that’s it...the long awaited wait for Friday has arrived - a chance to drink endless cups of coffee, chat about the weekend antics and completely unwind!

Only joking, time for me to reflect and provide a complete overview of my first week spent at Rich sauces catering food supplies.

Having discussed day one with you in my last blog (CLICK HER TO READ IT) , I feel you don’t need to hear me babble on any more about how wonderful Dave in the canteen uses our wholesale sauces  but in fact hear a little more about the other days spent here and the activities involved.

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As a marketing assistant, of course it is essential to learn about marketing theories and at this point I was introduced to a major theory adopted by Rich Sauces known as Inbound Methodology. By viewing this theory in a practical approach, it helped explain why certain strategies are used and how beneficial they can be converting strangers to promoters for example. As a sauce suppliers to the trade I have been surprised by how much Rich Sauces focus on online marketing of their catering food supplies.

Following this, I had the opportunity to sit in on a script editing session for an upcoming video surrounding an innovative scientific development – this proved to be very insightful even with potential talk of including a live animal in the filming shoot – need I say more!


Later on in the week, I was given a training session on how to conduct a selling approach outlining major steps including

  • building rapport,
  • fact finding and
  • closing (ask for the business)       

Within this training session, it was expressed just how important it is to keep the selling process structured, observe buying signals closely and most of all ensure that the customers needs are the focus.
On the sales front, I also met with one of the Gareth Stubbings a sales rep who gave me an insight into his background, role and location covered. It was then arranged that within the following week I would be able to spend a day out with Gareth observing his daily activities and challenges faced.

Note: (this blog will be available within the next few weeks so keep an eye out).

So all in all, a busy week was had and undoubtedly the energy levels have fallen slightly. But upon reflection I’ve already learnt so much, met interesting characters but most of all have thoroughly enjoyed myself even with the early mornings! 

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in this next coming weeks for further diary posts with sales and product blogs too.