Wholesale Chipotle Sauces – Catering Supplies To Make Your Food Menu More Street

Originally originating from Mexico and the surrounding south west area, chipotle comes from the word chilpoctli meaning smoked chilli which ultimately is a smoke-dried jalapeño – all sounds very smoky! Eh?



Ayup! The local delicacy of Mexico has arrived – time to spice up your menu design ideas!

But it’s this murky infused flavour that will undoubtedly rock your taste buds. Although hot flavoured it also incorporates lime zests that ensures it provides the perfect kick without being overly spicy.

Not only this, but our wholesale sauce comes with many other beneficial features such as the perfect pouring consistency, extended shelf life up to 5 months from the date of manufacture unopened and can be bought by the bucket load– quite literally – proving much better value compared to that of competitors.


So why not give it a go on a range of café menu ideas? Use it to spice up your sandwiches and burgers, drizzle it on tacos or baked potatoes or even use it as a dip for goujons. Even more so it is superb with pulled pork, sticky ribs and chicken – remembering that a little goes a long way!

Free Samples

So if u fancy bringing a taste of Mexico to your café menu ideas be sure to contact us. For samples simply fill out the sample request form on our website or to purchase immediately we have a range of catering food suppliers around UK and Ireland who can deliver to you.