From traditional Marie rose to Garlic mayonnaise or from vibrant Tikka to Coronation mayonnaise, our catering food supply range has something for any business.

Simply, we’ve taken our popular mayonnaise recipe and added ingenious twists. Inspired by recipes from around the world, our wholesale flavoured mayonnaises are bursting with creaminess and flavour, perfect for blending with chicken, white fish, vegetables, potatoes and many other ingredients.

{Foolproof Formula} Profitable, Consistent Cafe Menu Ideas Using Sandwich Fillings

You can be guaranteed a smooth creamy mouth feel and with rapeseed oil as our primary ingredient it’s relatively neutral flavour allows us to produce an emulsion that carries and enhances the additional flavours we choose to add.

Free Samples

With over 8 types of flavoured mayonnaises to choose from, there’s plenty of choice to transform your menu design ideas from bland to brilliant.

Take our Garlic Mayonnaise for example, its full fresh garlic flavour with a hint of parsley will add an extra dimension to your coleslaws, salads and sandwich fillings (Check out the garlic mayo blog to find out more).

And with our Coronation Mayonnaise, its warming tones of curried spices and rich yellow colours will look striking in any sandwich triangle or in your display counter.


Make sure and check out our website to view our full range of flavoured wholesale mayonnaises. Or if you wish to request a free sample, simply fill out our sample request form at the top of our website or to purchase this wholesale mayonnaise immediately we have a range of catering food suppliers around UK and Ireland who can deliver to you.