Why We Love Seeing Stars At Rich Sauces

No, we haven’t hit our heads in the kitchen!  We’re talking about Great Taste Award starsJ  The Great Taste Awards are like the BAFTAs for taste buds so you can appreciate that we get a little excited each year when they come around.

Check Out Our Award Winning Bulk Sauce Range

This year, we were proud to receive two stars for our Chipotle Sauce and our Sweet Chilli Sauce. That’s not two stars out of five - that’s a Double Stars Award for each product!  These are relatively new products in our range and it’s always great to see our babies come through for us.  We spend a lot of time perfecting our bulk sauce, cooking powders and real mayonnaise range in the kitchen so it’s great to receive recognition. 

We know you want to buy sauce from a premium sauce company and you can rely on our reputation. Our growing trophy cabinet speaks volumes about the quality you can expect from Rich Sauces.

Taste Our Wholesale Sauce Range For Yourself

Of course, we love winning awards, but we also love hearing feedback from our most valuable critic - YOU.  We have plenty of free samples waiting for you and we would be delighted to show you just how profitable our bulk sauce products can be for your business. Why not try out our latest award winners for yourself?