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Boullions & Powders Our Rich tasting bouillons and powders are the ideal base for sauces, soups or good enough on its own

Wholesale Powders, Bouillons and Cooking Stocks with a Whole Lot of Flavour

Rich Sauces wholesale powders and bouillons are great as a base to your sauces or soups and good enough to serve on their own. The basis of a good cooking stock is the ingredients that go into it and the basis of a great dish is a great cooking stock.

Our stocks are crammed with great taste and natural ingredients. You won’t find any artificial colourings in our products and that means your dishes retain their natural colour exactly as you intended. The low salt content compared to the competition makes them a healthy option and gives you more freedom to season your dishes with the salt levels you desire. Due to the formulation of our products they dissolve easily making them easier and more effective to use

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