10 BBQ Catering Tips And Menu Design Ideas

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The sun is out (ish), we are all feeling full of the joys afer a great spring and are now looking for menu design ideas for BBQ catering. Now BBQing is not an easy skill so if you can master these 10 tips you will provide your customers with tucker that will have them coming back for thirds

10 BBQ Catering Tips & Menu Design Ideas 

  1. Get The Right BBQ - It MUST follow these two simple rules. It must use charcoal fuel for that extra smoky flavour, It has got to have a lid. The lid locks in the flavours, allows for temperature control (See point 4) and allows your food to be enveloped in the smoke. Your catering suppliers should carry a range of both charcoal and wood chips.
  2. Use The Right Fuel - Charcoal and wood chips combined will produce amazing results. A lumpwood charcoal burns evenly and gives a great flavour. The option to add Hickory or Oak wood chips to your fuel gives an extra dimension to the flavour and the smell surrounding your BBQ. Remember the smell is the first sense stimulated when BBQing.  BBQ-Catering-Tip-8-Marinade-Marinade-Marinade
  3. Timing Is Key - Patience and concentration combined with plating up for ravenous customers can be a challenge. Remember it is always best to give yourself and the servers a bit of flex to make sure the food is cooked to perfection before service.
  4. Temperature Control For Quality Control - Split the grill in half, one side high direct heat, the other indirect heat for cooked meats. Make sure to have no dead spots as even temperature across the grill is key. Probe before service.
  5. All The Gear, But No Idea - Tongs are the must have. The tool for all occassions. A fish slice and a heavy duty oven glove. 
  6. Buy the best wholesale catering food supplies - The best quality meat is not necessarily a must when BBQing. High fat cuts will crisp and caramlise over the coals. Remember fat is flavour!!
  7. The importance of menu design ideas - I believe in BBQing simply but quite often the menu can be accentuated by creative titles or play on the local by listing the provenance of the meat and your wholesale catering supplies.
  8. Marinade, Marinade, Marinade With Catering BBQ Sauce - we have a range of Catering size BBQ sauces we use but the favourite right now is between Chipotle BBQ and our RIb and Wing sauce. They both have a lovely smoke but with the chipotle you get a blast of heat and the Rib and Wing has a rich Mollasses type flavour. Its great when caramalized over the coals.                         Free Samples
  9. Don't Ruin The Vegetables - Overdone corn or even asparagus tips are a few of the crimes against vegeatbles I have seen over the years. Unless you have a number of vegetarians clientelle I would keep the veggies of the grill and preprepped as a salad or sides 
  10. Get The Sides Right - As sides accounts for 2/3 rds of the meal assuming you are not catering for an Atkins party it is vital to get these right. For an old faithful check out the worlds best potato salad recipe or for a more fruity number serve our florida salad They can also be prepped in advance so it makes service that bit easier.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful but please feel free to add more or comment below. Happy Grilling !!



I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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