Collectively on the island of Ireland, consumer spending in both coffee shops and cafes has topped €368 million in 2015*. The forecast is for it to grow 5.9% annually by 2018. This growth is mirrored in the UK but how will your business grab a piece of this growth?

To ensure your food service business benefits from this superb consumer spending, take a read through key market drivers and consider applying them to your operations and menu design ideas.

  • Source locally and shout about it – provenance nowadays is so important to customers, so to win them over be sure to go out of your way and buy local catering food supplies and shout about it. Display the ingredient information on menus/chalk boards or even feature one local producer every month. Tell the story of their business and get your customers engaged.


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  • Offer more choices – consumers are looking more closely at cafe menus (In person and online), often stating that they are limited in choices and do not necessarily extend beyond breakfast occasions. So consider offering more food choices and café menu ideas to attract consumers during the lunch and dinner dayparts. For recipes and ideas, feel free to visit our catering food supplies website or if you require wholesale mayonnaises, sauces etc. for your café menu ideas then don’t be afraid to contact us for more information.


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  • Prep beverages and train counter staff - By ensuring beverages are prepared and counter staff are well trained, you will automatically create a more favourable atmosphere for your consumers. As upscale/fast casual operators are similarly positionsed in terms of ambiance, this is an area where your café could differentiate themselves even further.


  • Encourage impulse purchases – impulse purchases account for up to 10% or more of coffee shop and café revenue. So be sure to display cases, promotional prompts and recommendations from staff to increase revenue for your catering food supply business. A strong counter display like above can move your customers away from their normal order to your more profitable specials or extra sales.

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To request free samples of our wholesale mayonnaises, sauces etc. Simply fill out our sample request form at the top of our catering food supply website or to purchase immediately we have a range of catering food suppliers around UK and Ireland who can deliver to youIf you can for see other trends coming into the market in 2016 I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas? Just drop us a comment below

*The information above has been taken from the Quick service and Food to go insights report published by Bord Bia, which can be found at the this link CLICK HERE