5 Tips For The Best BBQ Catering Marinade And Menu Design Ideas

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This is a follow up to last weeks 10 BBQ Catering Tips And Menu Design Ideas where we looked at practical tips when BBQing. Now to get some serious flavour into your BBQ meat it is not always an easy thing so if you follow these 5 tips for the best BBQ catering marinade you will provide your customers with super tasty BBQ that will have them coming back again and again.....

5 Tips For The Best BBQ Catering Marinade & Menu Design Ideas 

Now just becase we produce Great Taste Award wining wholesale catering supplies don't think for a second I am going to focus solely on our amazing range of catering BBQ sauce. Nope. But if you are interested

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Instead I want to focus on the practical steps required for marinating and getting it right.

NOT all meats need to be marinated. A truly astounding piece of free range, organic, malt beer fed cut of Bessy from the farm 2 miles down the road should be treated with respect. For truely good meat keep it simple by rubbing on a little rapeseed oil (NOT Extra virgin See Tip 2) and season with salt and pepper. Alas not all meat or vegetables for that matter are treated like Bessie and in most cases benefit from a marinade. So here are the top 5 tips for the best BBQ catering marinade & menu design ideas. 

  1. Marinate Overnight - How often have you seen this "suggestion" in the recipe book minutes after you have lit the coals of the bonfire? (It can't just be me, can it?) The reason for this is that the marinade has two functions. It flavours the meat (so the longer it sits in the meat the deeper the flavour can penetrate the meat) and it tenderises the meat. As you can imagine the tenderising element can be very important if it is a tougher cut of meat. This is a key aspect in achieving tasty but profitable menu design ideas. You can use "cheaper" cuts of meat but it is very important to liven it up with a good amount of time marinating. NOTE: this does not apply to light flavoured meats especially fish. Also you will want to watch how highly acidic items like lemon or lime juice effect the structure of the meat. Tip_1_Leave_Overnight_For_Best_BBQ_Catering_Marinade_And_Menu_Design_Ideas
  2. DO NOT USE EXTRA VIRGIN - Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a super low burn point. So if you use it in a marinade you can be sure of getting a lot of smoke when it comes in contact with the grill. This can be impressive but the burnt extra virgin bitter singed flavour you will get is not the smoke flavour you will be after. I would choose rapeseed oil first and foremost. Most catering suppliers now stock a range of rapeseed oils so it should be easy to get a hold off.
  3. Use Strong, Secure, Plastic Bags - I am a big fan of using plastic bags to marinate as it allows the meat to be surrounded in marinade and you can agitate it without dirtying any utensils. In theory compared with using glass or steel dishes you should also be able to use about 25% less marinade. Which all keeps your costs down.
  4. Remove Excess B4 Grilling - this avoids getting a lot of smoke when you apply the meat to the grill and it also keeps your coals at  a more constant temperature as you are avoid dropping cooler liquids onto them.
  5. Avoid Cross Contamination - this should be a no brainer for food service cooks but it is always worth repeating. Never put cooked meat back into the tray with marinated meat (this is another reason why I like using bags). Always have a clean, warmed dish for your cooked meats

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Hopefully these 5 tips have been helpful but please feel free to add more or comment below. Happy Grilling !!

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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