9 More BBQ Catering Tips And Menu Design Ideas

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9 More BBQ catering tips that will allow you to serve the best #BBQ to your customers 

9 More BBQ Catering Tips & Menu Design Ideas 

Following the last couple of posts 

Timing Is Key

I realise this featured in the previous post 10 BBQ catering tips but it is that important its back for more. Getting your grill lit, stocked and ready for cooking time is vital when catering for ig numbers.At a minumum your customers will arrive to the tantalising smell of the debris burning off the barbecue grills. Remeber at BBQ's people eat first with their nose, so get the good smells flowing. Even the smell of a nice wood chip (get these from your catering suppliers) will have people flocking to your stand.

Be Prepared

The Scouts had a lot of good points, woggle anyone? but surely their motto is the best life lesson of the lot. Having all your prep done, equipment to hand and everything in place ready to go is essential for an effortless event (at least that is how you want customers to see it). Get marinating the day before (check out our Chipotle Catering BBQ Sauce) and prep as much to an advanced a state as you can. This will leave you with less clean down and more time to interact with the customers (people always flock to a BBQ) to then create the party atmosphere on the day. 


Be organised around your barbecue

Now chefs in my experience can be quite a messy lot so have enough work surface to allow comfortable maneouvres amongst your team..How many customers do you expect? Work out how many grill-loads of food you have to cook. What other catering equipment will you need? How will you maintain serparate spacing for raw meat and cooked? You don't want to be falling over your wholesale catering supplies but you don't want to be tripping over things either

Stay with your barbecue

Safety, Safety, Safety. Get your cook to stay for as long as she is grilling, for the best results and for safety's sake. She won't get lonely. BBQ Cooks never do. There are always a handful of - invariably cavemanesque - guests who huddle around giving their "chefs" advice. Barbecuing is theatre. So make the most of the opportunity to impress your customers.

Use great basic ingredients

The summer months, when most BBQ catering gets underway, coincide perfectly with the plentiful season of fruit and vegetable. There should be a great choice of ingredients both to barbecue (sweet corn, apples, etc) and to throw together into great side salads to accompany your grilled proteins. Make sure to wash fruit and veg before use, particularly if you aren't peeling them. Watch the Easy Florida Fruit Salad Recipe for a fruity side dish great #BBQmonth




Seasoning should never be over looked. This is one of the first lessons any cook learns. Always season with salt just prior to hitting the grill and don't be afraid to season well. Forget flaked or coarse sea salt, as it will just fall off the meat and through the barbecue grill. Use fine sea salt and massage it into the meats..

Lose fridge chill

20 minutes should be the minimum the meats are out of the fridge before hitting the grill. Raw barbecue dishes need to lose their chill and to be approaching room temperature. The danger is if the protein is too cold in the centre, the outside may well burn before the inside is cooked. Have you ever had a chargrilled popsicle? Something like that

Test for 'doneness'

Ideally probe to make sure its well cooked but you can always cut into the centre of the meat (down to the bone if there is one), to check that the flesh is cooked and juices are running clear. 

Rest the meat

Like when cooking any meat, resting meats after barbecuing is an essential a part to making great grub. If eat a steak straight off the grill it would be tough and juices would flow out the moment you looked at it. Leaving it to rest for a few minutes allows the flesh  to reabsorb the juices. Rest the meat on a warmed tray on the top rack or away from the direct heat.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful but please feel free to add more or comment below. Happy Grilling !!

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