{Eat With Your Eyes} Make Food Service POS Match Your Cafe Menu Ideas

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James Davidson our Head Chef was presenting our cafe menu ideas recently to a symbol group of c-stores and was given the feedback that "The display sandwiches look just like the photos on the Point of Sale boards" It reminded us how consumers are at the point were they do not believe image marketing. But why should this be the case? Is this not immediately setting the customers expectations so high that they will be dissapointed by your food? So lets look at how we make your cafe menu ideas match your food service POS

Do Your Cafe Menu Ideas Match Your Food Service POS? 

Fast Food Not As Pictured

There are a lot of great article online but this article and video from consumerreports.com sums is up the problem pretty well

Fast food is probably the worst food service example of menu design ideas not being made as pictured. To some extent you can understand this, but not excuse it. The high volume of sales, relatively low cost of the food and the huge number of different people that are making the food. These are certainly reasons but does it excuse it? I don't think so.


Some of the techniques mentioned in the consumer report article are damned misleading. Putting a layer of vaseline onto bread to give it a shine or reformulating an inedible ice cream that does not melt is all so FAKE I find it hard to accept. The argument has been used that we all Dress Up or show our best when going on a date so why not allow foods to be styled/ made more appetising? In the case of the ice cream being reformulated that is like going out on a date with a man and finding out during interaction that hes a woman. But enough of my weekends...

This issue brings up the following questions..

  • Is it realistic for food made in store to match its marketing photo?
  • Does YOUR business train counter staff to use wholesale catering supplies to make food as pictured?
  • Does YOUR business do quality-control checks?
  • With the proliferation social media how do you respond to #notaspictured
  • As a consumer "Should we eat with our eyes closed?"

Should we eat with our eyes closed?

I really don't think this should be the answer, more every business needs to consider these points above and amend their training and possibly even their photography so that customers get food that looks pretty similar to what they see on the menu boards.


Another option is to use sandwich fillings. They limit the number of ingredients being used in every product build and allow for a consistent spread across the bread, All this will give a consistency of visual appearance.

Now I know this will not work for a lot of food but the same technique applies when adding salsa or guacamole insted of using sliced tomatoes or avocados.


The above images are the ACTUAL food and photography as demonstrated by our development chef. There was no trick photography but tweerzers where deployed. The real challenge for the above group of c-stores will be in the training, implementation and quality control to ensure the product served matches the picture

We will be checking back and it may well result in another blog post. 

If you have any examples of food not as pictured please share below in the comment section

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I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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