From Harper Adams To Work Placement - The First Entry In Dora's Diary

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A girl on a mission is often a statement used to describe me... a mission to succeed and when it comes to working as a placement student for Rich sauces, the case is no different (well the intent is there!)

So I suppose I should start this blog by telling you a little about my background and how I’ve come to work for Rich Sauces before outlining on the values and experiences I hope to achieve whilst working here.

Firstly I think to myself, goodness where do I start without boring you of the unnecessary detail of milking sixty cows, having red as my favourite colour and eating porridge for breakfast!


So of more relevance, currently I am a third year Northern Irish placement student studying BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer studies of which modules include new product development and food marketing at Harper Adams University Shropshire. The decision to study this particular Agri- food related degree stemmed from working on my family farm, my A level choices of which included Home Economics, and previous experiences within various food industries.

On this last note, my experiences within these previous food industries included working within the Foods Standards Agency dealing with labelling issues, promoting educational and marketing resources and inspecting quality of incoming lamb imported from New Zealand to name but a few responsibilities. On another occasion I also had the opportunity to work for a rather large vegetable producer and processor again inspecting quality with reference to HACCP and BRC standards but also calibrating technical machines and updating standards.


It is with these experiences including working within a fast paced environment, experiencing varied types of work and being offered opportunities to travel that my desire to work within the food industry enhanced.

So as placement year dawned upon me and student life was left on hold, I was keen to find a placement that differed slightly from my previous experiences, one that would offer me a varied involvement across the entire business, chances to earn responsibilities and of course… have to mention good pay!

With this in mind, having finished the dreaded interviews with many companies, I decided to choose to work for Rich Sauces having favoured their chance to experience selling of catering food supplies which I was totally new to, work within a completely different department of which is Sales and Marketing and experience catering for the food service sector observing wholesale sauces recipe development for example.


As part of this placement with Rich sauces, there are various values and experiences I hope to achieve during my time here.

  • One of which includes the ability to form positive work related relationships with fellow colleagues and in hindsight gain their trust to carry out necessary duties and responsibilities.
  • Secondly, being able to work independently within a completely new setting, learning to cope under pressure and removing myself from distractions within a normal working office – not mentioning chatterboxes or anything! And
  • Thirdly, to increase my knowledge of the working business including marketing objectives with catering food suppliers  and sales techniques of catering food supplies with the intent of using and bringing forth this knowledge for my future working career.

So as this blog comes to an end, I ask you to wish me luck as I plan to keep you updated in the upcoming weeks with my work life experiences at Rich sauces as a responsible working adult now!

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I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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