Gluten Free Wholesale Fish Bouillon – a kitchen essential catering food supplies Fish.jpg

All good cooks will agree that well-made stocks offer the best starting point for many recipes and here at Rich Sauces we understand this too hence why we’ve produced the ultimate fish bouillon you can trust.

It has a delicious full flavour of fresh white fish and in fact it does not matter if you have just learnt how to swim in culinary waters or if you’re already an old sea wolf, this wholesale bouillons is a real hook for everyone you cook for – sure it’s even won 2 gold taste awards!



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Unlike competitors, our wholesale bouillons are crammed with great taste and natural ingredients along with low fat and salt content…indeed making them a better nutritional choice too. Along with this, our bouillons are also freeze/thaw stable making them the perfect option for ready meal manufacturers and kitchens where meals are prepared ahead of time. And even better our bouillons dissolve easily, are gluten free and make up to 50 litres so more value for your money!

It is also worth noting that this is a #glutenfree sauce so it can be offered to Coeliacs. Just watch out for any cross contamination with your batter, bread or other gluten ingredients being used in your kitchen

The tastiest fish stew, most delicious risottos and most aromatic soups are only a few of the menu design ideas that you can make with this bouillon – there’s a sea of recipes out there! 

Free Samples

 So why not have a try for yourself? Simply fill out our free sample request form and we can arrange to get our superb fish bouillon to you. Or if you’re feeling pretty confident already, our bouillon can be bought either directly from ourselves or in smaller quantities from our catering food suppliers across UK and Ireland. Contact us for more information.