Florida Salad as a side dish is a great demonstration to your customers that you are using fresh, quality ingredients. It also tastes great!  

Summer is on its way, (at least that is what we keep telling ourselves) so inevitably food service businesses are looking for lighter, fresher recipes to include in their cafe menu ideas to satisfy their customers desires for fresh flavoursome dishes.

Automatically everyone turn to leaf salads, slaws or even grain salads which are becoming increasingly common on cafe menu ideas. But it is not that common that we look to serve sliced fruit or even a fruit side.

A major challenge with cut fruits is the preparation, shelf life, and visual appeal. After all we do eat with our eyes so seeing a browning piece of apple is never going to get the taste buds flowing. 

It is exactly that point of shelf life and visual appeal of cut fruits that we aim to deal with in the following catering food supplies recipe.


Super Easy Florida Salad Recipe

If you check out the recipe video above you will probably pick up on a point made by James about the neutral flavour of our Real Mayonnaise catering supplies. In our view mayonnaise as a catering food supplies should enhance what ever it touchs NOT add vinegar, mustard or salty flavours. Now don't get me wrong their is a place for flavoured mayonnaises but sandwiches, slaws and fruit salads are definately not the place.

The high rapeseed oil content of our mayonnaise when used in this or any wet salad recipe acts as a seal to moisture leaking out of the ingredients and it performs a barrier stopping direct access of oxygen to the ingredients (its this that causes the browning)

So we have found a solution to both the discolouring of fruit and improved its cut shelf life. Now to get the most shelf life out of this recipe drying the fruit prior to use will give the product the best shelf life. You will still get some moisture leakage from the fruit but remixing prior to service should solve this.

So there you have it. A fresh fruit based side ideal for the summer season

Do let me know if you have made this yourself or if you have a different fresh fruit recipe please comment below.