The Best Food Service Potato Salad Recipe + Other Cafe Menu Ideas

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Now that the sun is out (at least I hope it is where ever you are reading this) minds turn to eating outdoors, be that Al Fresco in courtyards and pavements or picnicing in parks or beaches. So it is the ideal time to develop cafe menu ideas to match a customers desire to eat in the great outdoors (Lets just hope we get the weather to match)

Sales go up by 50 - 300%

As a food service business it is always tricky to determine the reasons or psychology behind certain purchases, but what is a certainty is that when the temperature rises (Sorry the Weather Girls tune was just on) we all look to BBQ and eat outside more.

Tescos and other supermarket multiples have consistently stated that a significant rise of 10 degrees centigrade can lead to a 300% increase in sales of BBQ meats and coleslaw can also increase by 50% or more. 

One item that is often over looked as it does have smaller percentage sales than coleslaw is potato salad. Potato salad to me is the ultimate side for a take home portion pack or to be served as a side with your main dishes. Due to the volatlity of the weather I am a big fan of staying away from light delicate leaf salads and head more towards dishes in the "Good packing" category. If a cool breeze blows through your BBQ or a spot of rain starts to fall the comforting stodge of a waxy spud is sure to keep the smiles on the face even if the weather lets us down.

Now potato salad probably has as many variations as coleslaw but for me like all good cooking it is about keeping it simple and being consistent with your recipe. In my view the best potato salad recipe is 60% spuds, 6% spring onions and 34% Rich Sauces Real Mayonnaise probably the best wholesale mayonnaise. After all customers will head direct to your food service business or avoid it based on the quality and consistency of your cafe menu ideas.

For this article I will stay clear of the most common discussion points about what makes the best potato salad namely

  • Waxy or floury potatoes 
  • Peeled or with skins
  • Mayonnaise or vinnagerette (I am sure you can guess my view on this)

Instead I want you to consider an alternative flavoured potato salad

Caesar, Bacon & Baby Spinach Potato Salad


This is a great addition to your cafe menu ideas as it provides the familiarity of traditional potato salad but a whole bunch of extra flavours to satisfy your customers that are looking for something a wee bit special. Possibly even more important is that with minimal extra cost it will add significant extra profitablility to your balance sheet.

Rather than repeating his words just watch the video where James takes you through how to make this great salad.

As always I am happy to be question or proven wrong so if you have an alternative potato salad recipe please comment below. 

Now back to looking out for the sun !!

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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