Whats the worlds best catering supplies mayonnaise? A must for all food service biz

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Taste. For all food service businesses "Taste" truly is the number one priority. Of course provenance, nutritional values, shelf life, price and "the brand" will all play a part in your perception but if food tastes below your expectation these things won't matter. Put a different way the taste must at least match or exceed your perception of that brand. 

That is why we asked the question "What is the worlds best mayonnaie?" Please watch the video link above to see how Belfast responded to this question

Big brand versus unknown catering food supplies

As a wholesale catering supplies manufacturer we do not expect a person in the street to know our brand name, its Rich Sauces by the way. So this taste challenge was also interesting for us to see how much peoples perception of the "best" is influenced by years of consumer focused marketing (It very much is) It was also surprising to hear "home made" being answered as being the best. When was the last time you made mayonnaise in your home?

This distinction between the best known brand and the best quality wholesale mayonnaise is something that we constantly strive to highlight to our active and potential customers. Brands that exist in both retail and catering food supplies format have the duel benefit that any advertising in one sector will influence the other. So it is no wonder as practically the only mayonnaise brand advertisied on television that the majority of our respondents said "Hellman's"

But as a purely B2B mayonnaise manufacturer we need to try and overcome the years of great marketing and to get people to compare our products on taste, and taste alone. Hence we do the mayo taste challenege

How did we conduct the Mayo taste challenge?

Now let me put this into context. Myself, Matt the cameraman and Stephen the Director took to the street of Belfast for two mornings back in the spring of 2014. Our goal was to get as many people on camera from as varied demographics as possible to sample taste spoonfuls of mayonnaise at 10 in the morning. As anyine who has attempted to get the general public to consent to being on camera, never mind whilst eating food will know this can be a challenge

Once the respondent was happy with being invloved we attempted to get genuine feedback so we proceeded as follows

We revealed the question "what is the world's best mayonnaise?" by holding a cue card above the cameramans head and asking the respondent to read and then answer it.

We then asked the respondent to taste our real mayonnaise. We explained it was a food service brand that they would never have heard of and then captured their reaction.

We then asked the respondent to taste an unmarketed "Global brand" (NB The global brand had 4 months left on its used by date, and had been kept in the specified storage conditions. We did not reveal what brand it was)

The results as we have nearly always experienced in the past where positively in favour of the little known wholesale mayonnaise brand over the global brand. 

We are always happy to take this challenge so please click the link bleow to take the Mayo Challenge for yourself

Take The Mayo Challenge

Over the two mornings we had 10 people who agreed to be on camera. Only one person said they prefered the "Global brand" . 

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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