Where Can You Buy Taco Mayonnaise For Food Service In Australia?

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As a #B2B catering food supplies manufacturer based on a relatively small island we have our sights set on our home but increasingly on export markets. Increasingly we use the internet and our website to reduce the distance between ourselves and potential customers. We get quite a few web enquiries everyday and they usually fall into one of three categories, Waste of time, Good for all parties, or Pipe Dreams. This is a pipe dream. 

How Long Is The Road Before You Can Buy Taco Mayonnaise In Australia?

To achieve better recognition with a wider food service audience we have invested in our website www.richsauces.com (Did you find what you need?). Our online goal has been to increase brand awareness amongst our existing and our potential customer base. We have done this by redesigning our website with responsive coding so that it looks good on mobile devices and by regularly updating the recipes section with cafe menu ideas.

But ultimately with all the online investment you still can't beat word of mouth for creating opportunities.

This post combines both of these factors, an improving web presence and a reputation forged from years of experience in working with food service companies.

About 2 months ago we received an enquiry from Australia looking to buy taco mayonnaise from us. I have to admit these pipe dream enquiries are usually billed in the waste of time section as due to the distances involved it puts our product shelf life (normally five months) under such pressure it is normally not worth anyones effort. It takes for the enquiry to come from someone with genuine interest to make us persue it. Well that is what we received from Charlie in Sheridan Foods.

Free Samples

Sheridan Foods is a catering food suppliers based in Australia. Charlie has been living in OZ and developing his successful catering food suppliers business. Charlies background in butchery combined with his focus on food service has allowed him to develop a strong business. Although this OZ enquiry came from the far side of the world Charlie is originally from a town about 20 miles away from were we make our now "World Famous" Taco Mayonnaise. If folk in Australia are asking "Where can I buy Taco Mayonnaise?" surely I can call it world famous? 


Taco Mayo samples being delivered in OZ (Photo bears no resemblance to what actually happens)

Once we established Sheridan Foods where indeed a good fit for selling our products in Australia we had to develop a product that would have the shelf life to with stand the time it takes to get down under. Thankfully our NPD team had done a lot of work on extedning shelf life so this was a pretty short job and then we sent the samples of to Australia for Charlie to sample with his customers.


Thankfully our reputation had proceeded us, as had the names of some of our long term customers. Needless to say a lot of the enquries where coming from Irish people in Australia who were looking for menu design ideas that although common in Ireland where not necessarily easy to find in Australia. So the sampling has gone well know all that is left is the logisitics and getting the first container on the high seas heading to Oz.


Hopefully the team in Sheridan Foods and Rich Sauces will need to have a "Board Meeting " in the near future but this will only happen when we get the work out to food service businesses in Australia that there is now an answer to "Where can you buy Taco Mayonnaise in Australia" The answer is Sheridan foods. If you would like to request free samples just click on the link below and between Charlie and I we will get them to you. 

Free Samples

Now who fancies a pipe dream?

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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