Wholesale Peking Sauces – an Eastern Catering Food Supplies To Make Service Easier

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Wholesale Peking Sauces – a kitchen essential catering food supplies



Ayup! The local delicacy of China has arrived – time to spice up your menu design ideas!

Peking Sauce is a sweet and tangy flavour with a little heat will add oomph to all it clings to whilst its smooth texture and aniseed aroma will undoubtedly provide a tasty addition to many café menu ideas.

Not only this, but our wholesale peking sauce comes with many other beneficial features such as extended shelf life up to 5 months from the date of manufacture unopened and 3 weeks once opened. Additionally, our peking wholesale sauce offers Bian marie stability and can be mixed with other whole sale sauces if variety is sought after by our customers!


Try our Peking Chicken Casserole Recipe

Why not try this new sauce as a glaze for ribs, a marinade for any type of meat, a Chinese stir fry or even for a chicken casserole. Or how about using it to create some culinary masterpieces of your own! Our BRC and ISO 9001 accreditations are testament to the commitment we have to our products and customer satisfaction.

Free Samples

So be sure to contact us for more recipe ideas or if you are new to Peking sauce send us a samples request form to taste how this sauce can be a great addition to your menu and increase sales for your business.

I am 3rd generation sauce man, so the business is in my blood. Does that explain my low cholesterol? My principal role is marketing manager of Rich Sauces but I also regular help with testing, sampling, any general duties are gladly undertaken.

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