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Here’s another little gem…again with no big story to unfold. In fact it’s just a simple well thought after product that caterers love to use to excite their menu design ideas.

It’s smooth and creamy texture with freshly cracked black pepper flavour will undoubtedly provide a tasty addition to many dishes. It’s also amongst the easiest way to add that ‘instant heat’ to any café menu idea without losing other core flavours.

Not only this, but our wholesale sauce comes with many other beneficial features such as extended shelf life up to 5 months from the date of manufacture unopened and 3 weeks once opened. Additionally, our wholesale pepper sauce is also nut free and can be mixed with other wholesale sauces if variety is sought after by our customers – happy days!

Now for the application in food service – it’s easy…layer it on everything! Only joking but it will undoubtedly compliment that juicy beef steak or variations of casserole dishes as shown on our website. In fact, it’s so versatile it can also be served cold, mixed with mayo for a sandwich filling for example and believe me that is tasty!


In the ever expanding fast casual market we have found the Cracked Black Pepper Burger to be a real winner CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Free Samples

Anyway if you’re like me and it happens to be your personal favourite too then don’t be afraid to get in touch to order your free samples or even add it to your next order. We have a range of catering food suppliers around UK and Ireland who would also be happy to distribute this yummy product to you.